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Self-portrait photo studio in Cape Town
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Great pictures don't always come easy...
  • "I often feel self-conscious and can't truly relax in a typical photoshoot, especially when the photographer tells me to loosen up. It just adds to the pressure and makes it harder to be myself."
  • "Organizing a photoshoot takes so much time – coordinating with the photographer, setting up the scene, it's all a bit overwhelming."
  • "I often feel I can't control how my photos turn out. I wish I had more say in directing the shoot to capture what I envision."
  • "Photoshoots are so costly. Paying for the photographer, the studio, and extra setups really adds up."

No photographers, no hustle

Only you,
the mirror
and the remote
We've designed a space where you feel free and at ease, giving you full control of your private photoshoot to capture your vision in the most relaxed and comfortable setting.
Camera shy or a spotlight lover, you're in the right place. Bring your style and personality. It's all about celebrating your unique self.
Go on the perfect date
Create unforgettable moments with your partner in our intimate and cozy studio setting.
Family portraits easy as never before
A private space for heartwarming family photos, ideal even for the shyest family members.
Capture a striking professional photo!
Create a powerful first impression for LinkedIn or your portfolio in our studio, where your professional image is captured perfectly – impactful and uniquely you.
Remember intimate moments
From pregnancy to graduations, capture life's special milestones in a setting that respects your privacy and the moment's significance

How It Works

Instant results ⚡
It takes less than 24 hours to receive your automatically enhanced photos via email, perfectly prepared to shine on social media or in your personal album.
Reflect in a magic mirror
In your private room, face a large mirror with a camera behind it. Use a remote to capture as many photos as you want, ensuring a personal and intimate session.
Set the vibe
Choose your perfect backdrop – black, white, colorful or a combination to set the mood of your shoot. Play your music, cool off with our fan, or pick your favorite chair for a perfect shoot.

True feedback

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Whether it’s a birthday, engagement, or just because.
Surprise your friends, siblings, or parents with the gift of a stunning photo session.


We offer two themed rooms, Monochrome and Color, allowing you to choose the perfect setting for your mood. Book sessions in either or both for a varied photography experience.
Monochrome room
Black Background
Monochrome room
White Background
Color room
Strawberry Pink Background
Color room
Emerald Green Background
Color room
Urban red-brick wall


Express Session
30 min
One background
Up to 2 people
Unlimited photos
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Deluxe Session
2 hours
Use up to three backgrounds and switch between them.
+Retouching of all photos
Up to 5 people

Unlimited photos

From R2,290
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