Create unlimited photos in your private, photographer-free studio. Photos are ready the same day

from R1490 per session

Self-portrait photo studio

the first and only in cape town

Photoshoots aren't always easy...

How can you relax when a photographer demands you to 'relax'? It's like being ordered to 'have fun' at a party – more pressure, less fun.
Organizing a photoshoot is a logistical nightmare – coordinating with photographers, setting up the scene, it's a massive headache!
I wish I had more control over my photos. It feels frustrating not being able to direct the shoot to capture my vision.
Photoshoots are outrageously expensive. The costs for the photographer, studio, photo retouching and additional setups pile up quickly.

No photographers, no hustle

Only you,
the mirror
and the remote

We've designed a private space where you feel free and at ease, giving you full control of your photoshoot to capture your vision in the most relaxed and comfortable setting.

Your best PHOTOGRAPHY experience

3. Instant results ⚡

You'll receive a personal link to your automatically enhanced photos via email within 24 hours, ready for social media or your album

2. Reflect in a magic mirror

In your private room, face a large mirror with a camera behind it. Use a remote to capture as many photos as you want. Your photos stay private, seen only by you.

1. Set the vibe

Choose your perfect backdrop – black, white, colorful or a combination to set the mood of your shoot. Play your music, cool off with our fan, or pick your favorite chair for a perfect shoot.

A setting for every mood

Choose between our Monochrome and Color backgrounds to match your photography mood. Each offers a unique ambiance, perfect for creating a diverse and enriching photo experience. Whether you select one or both, you're set for a memorable session.
Black Background
White Background
Strawberry Pink Background
Emerald Green Background
Urban red-brick wall

True feedback

Gift cards

Whether it’s a birthday, engagement, or just because.

Surprise your friends, siblings, or parents with the gift of a stunning photo session.


Express Session
30 min
One background
Up to 2 people
Unlimited photos
Unlimited outfits
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Package of 2 Standard sessions
50% off the second session
1 hour each
Use up to 2 any backgrounds and switch between them.
Up to 5 people
Unlimited photos
Unlimited outfits
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