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Create with TRU.U
Are you a digital creator or Instagram influencer with a distinctive style and a follower base of at least 5,000? We are on the hunt for dynamic personalities like you to collaborate with and become ambassadors of our brand.
Who We Look For:
Individuals from various creative fields—artists, models, fashion enthusiasts, content creators, and lifestyle influencers. We value collaborators with a deep passion for creativity and self-expression who can bring fresh perspectives and unique ideas.
You should thrive in a collaborative environment, committed to producing innovative content that resonates with a diverse audience.

Ideal candidates are influencers who engage their followers, inspire their communities, and effectively communicate the essence of our creative space.
We Offer:
Unlimited access to our creative space, designed to be the perfect backdrop for unleashing your creativity. Here, you can experiment with various styles, produce captivating content, organize events, and more—all at no cost to you!
Our Expectation From Your Side:
While you're free to create content for your own needs, we expect you to actively mention and highlight TRU.U Studio as the creative space where your content is brought to life. Whether you're crafting Reels, posts, or any form of media, a shoutout to our studio should be an integral part of your narrative. This helps us build our community and lets your followers know about the unique environment where your ideas take shape.
How to Join:
  1. Fill out our brief application, include your Instagram (must be with 5K+ active followers)
  2. Describe how you would integrate and promote our brand through your content, share your style and how you envision this collaboration.
  3. Let's discuss and schedule your first appointment.
This partnership is an opportunity to grow with a brand that cherishes freedom and artistic expression. If you’re ready to elevate your content game and explore endless creative possibilities, apply today and let’s create something magical together! ✨